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A coercive partner may feel that consent is ongoing. No one should be made to feel pressured into a sexual act. If your partner acts in any of the ways mentioned, it could be helpful to speak to someone about it. So to stop the bickering, I gave in and he did what he wanted.

Hurt and confused about what to do, I emotionally shut down and told myself to leave!

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Escaping my abusive relationship played in head like a plot from a movie. I began to tell myself that we already broken up and secretly planned an escape route.


Thx you so much for this important information. I was in a horrible abusive relationship, and sexual coercion was a huge part of it, and knowing what I know now, he repeatedly raped me. My life was once a living nightmare so full of daily pain, but I am so proud I eventual left him. It was hard, took planning, but I had a team of women who believed in me and helped me.

I pray this information is read and listened to by all women, but especially young women. Again, thank you, Gidget. And, Ladies, always remember life is too short to put up with abuse, whether from a man, parents, job, or whatever, you deserve the best!!! Thank you so much for adding your insight as a survivor and sharing your experience with us.

I am so glad to hear that you are now in a place in your life where you feel safe and valued; your experience and insights are invaluable and the courage to share your story is admirable. For the first time in my 29 years of life I had sex this year that was consensual. I realized my past experiences were various types of abuse and assault looking back. It makes me sad and angered so many people are violated or harmed or forced into these things.

This bill requires a money transmitter to provide a consumer fraud warning on all money transmittal forms used by consumers to send money to an individual, to provide consumer fraud prevention training for its agents to monitor its agents, activities relating to consumer transmittals, and to establish a toll-free number for consumers to call to report fraud or suspected fraud. Existing law provides that a conservatorship continues until terminated by the death of the conservatee or by order of the court.

Among other provisions, existing law further provides that upon the death of a conservatee, the conservator is authorized to contract for and pay for the reasonable expenses of the deceased conservator and the unpaid expenses of the conservatorship from any personal property under the control of the conservator. Existing law provides that the court continues to have jurisdiction over these proceedings, as specified.

This bill clarifies that a conservatorship continues until terminated by the death of the conservatee or by order of the court, subject to the existing provisions of law described above that, among other things, continue to authorize a conservator to take certain actions with regard to the estate of a deceased conservatee.

Makes an owner, operator, or employee of a referral agency a mandated reporter of elder or dependent adult abuse. This bill requires local law enforcement agencies, as defined, and long-term care ombudsman programs to revise or include in their policy manuals, as defined, specified information regarding elder and dependent adult abuse.

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Establishes a task force to study best practices to ensure a conserved person's right to interact with others. Provides a mechanism by which broker-dealers and investment advisers may voluntarily report suspected cases of financial exploitation involving seniors and other vulnerable adults, and authorizes a temporary disbursement delay from securities-related accounts in suspected cases of financial exploitation.

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The Act also amends the definition of "home improvement contract" to provide that a victim's payment can be in any form, not just money, and to clarify that a "home improvement contract" includes all agreements for labor, services and materials to be furnished and performed under the home improvement contract. Mandates reporting by certain employees of broker dealer or investment adviser firms who have a reasonable belief that financial exploitation of an eligible adult has occurred, been attempted, or will be attempted; reports will be to both the Investor Protection director and the Department of Health and Social Services; enables broker dealers and investment advisers to delay disbursement from an account of an eligible adult where financial exploitation is suspected; includes definitions.

Sets forth revisions to the Code related to Adult Protective Services; updates language to reflect best practices and current names of agencies and class positions; defines alleged victim as any adult who is impaired, incapacitated, elderly or vulnerable that may have been abused, neglected or exploited based on a report to Adult Protective Services. This bill requires mandatory reporting of suspected instances of financial exploitation of seniors and vulnerable adults with regard to banks, credit unions, insurers, investment advisors and other institutions.

It also provides for notification of potential financial exploitation to authorized designated third parties.

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It also provides immunity from administrative or civil liability authorized by this legislation to delay disbursements of funds in cases of suspected financial exploitation. It mandates records sharing related to financial exploitation of seniors and vulnerable adults with the Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking, Adult Protective Services, and law enforcement.

This bill establishes an Elder Abuse Response Team to coordinate services available to victims of elder abuse cases. Creates a cause of action for injunction for protection of vulnerable adult from exploitation; provides requirements for clerk of circuit court; provides penalty for willful violation.

Relates to guardianship; authorizes the Clerk of the Court to conduct audits and cause guardianship reports to be audited under certain circumstances; requires the clerk to advise the court of the results of any audit; prohibits any fee or cost incurred by the guardian in responding to the review or audit; authorizes the clerk to disclose confidential information to the Department of Children and Families or law enforcement agencies if so court ordered.

Abrogates the scheduled repeal of provisions governing a direct support organization relating to elderly affairs. Establishes the Senior Advocate Program; specifies persons and entities that senior advocates may collaborate with in order to resolve concerns regarding vulnerable seniors and improve their quality of life; authorizes the Department secretary to appoint senior advocates to advocate for certain seniors; makes an appropriation. Amends Title 29 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to guardian and ward, so as to change provisions relating to guardians and conservators of adults; recognizes certain provisions of the "Uniform Adult Guardianship and Conservatorship Proceedings Jurisdiction Act" in connection with the appointment of a guardian or conservator of adults and the jurisdiction for such petitions; changes provisions relating to the termination of an emergency guardianship.

Makes financial exploitation of an elder by a caregiver a class A felony. Defines "caregiver", "elder", and "financial exploitation. Specifies that the attorney general may bring a civil action on behalf of the state for alleged abuse of a dependent elder by employees or agents of the state whose duty is to oversee or manage the financial affairs of a dependent elder.

Amends the Probate Act of Provides that if a respondent in an adult guardianship action is residing in a nursing home, assisted living facility, veterans hospital, or any other residence where he or she is receiving care, and the respondent possesses real property located in another county that served as the residence of the respondent, the petitioner shall cause notice to be given in the county in which the real property of the respondent is located by publishing notice of the hearing for no less than 14 days in a newspaper of general circulation in that county.

Provides that the court may not appoint an individual the guardian of the person or estate of an adult with disabilities before the individual has disclosed to the court the number of adults with disabilities over which the individual is currently appointed as guardian. Provides that if the court determines that an individual is appointed guardian over more than 5 adults with disabilities, then the court shall issue an order directing the circuit court clerk to notify the Guardianship and Advocacy Commission, in a form and manner prescribed by the Commission.

Provides that the clerk shall notify the Commission no later than 7 days after the entry of the order. Exempts the Office of the State Guardian and public guardians from the new provisions. Provides that the Guardianship and Advocacy Commission shall maintain a list of all notifications it receives under the new provisions for reference by other agencies or units of government or the public.

Amends the Illinois Credit Union Act. Provides that a credit union may furnish the financial records of a member to an appropriate law enforcement authority upon written request from the law enforcement authority explaining a reasonable suspicion of an imminent threat to the personal security and safety of a member exists.

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Provides that the external independent audit report or agreed upon procedures report shall be delivered to the secretary of Financial and Professional Regulation no later than days after the end of the calendar or fiscal year. Provides that funds not used in loans to the credit union's members may be invested to aid in the credit union's management or in the purchase and assumption of assets held by other financial institutions.

Provides that a law enforcement authority's written request for the credit union to furnish financial records shall reflect that it has been authorized by a supervisory or managerial official of the law enforcement authority. Provides that a credit union providing information upon a law enforcement authority's written request shall not be liable for the disclosure of the information to the law enforcement authority.

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Makes other changes. Declares intent to eradicate abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation of people with disabilities in Illinois. Amends the Criminal Identification Act.

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Provides that the court shall not order the sealing of the records of arrests or charges not initiated by arrest which result in a conviction for financial exploitation of an elderly person or a person with a disability, aggravated identity theft against a person 60 years of age or older or a person with a disability, abuse or criminal neglect of a long term care facility resident, or criminal abuse or neglect of an elderly person or person with a disability.

Amends the Criminal Code of Provides that a person who commits the offense of financial exploitation of an elderly person or a person with a disability may be tried in any one of the following counties in which 1 any part of the offense occurred or 2 the victim or one of the victims reside.

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Provides that theft by deception from a person with a disability is a Class 2 felony. Provides that consent shall not be a defense to financial exploitation of an elderly person or a person with a disability if the accused knew or had reason to know that the elderly person or a person with a disability lacked capacity to consent. Provides that any investment adviser, salesperson, or other financial personnel who reasonably believes that financial exploitation of an eligible adult may have occurred, may have been attempted, or is being attempted shall promptly notify the Securities Director of the Securities Department and may also notify any third party previously designated by the eligible adult.

Grants such persons immunity from any administrative or civil liability that might arise from such governmental or third-party disclosures. Provides that an investment adviser, salesperson, or other financial personnel may delay the disbursement of funds from the account of an eligible adult or any account that an eligible adult is a beneficiary of if financial exploitation is suspected.

Provides that any delayed disbursement of funds shall expire upon the sooner of: i a determination that the disbursement will not result in financial exploitation of the eligible adult; or ii 15 business days after the date upon which the funds were first delayed, unless the Securities Director requests an extension. Permits a court to enter an order extending the delay of the disbursement of funds or to order other protective relief. Grants immunity to any investment adviser, salesperson, or other financial personnel from any administrative or civil liability that might arise from a delay in the disbursement of funds.

Requires an investment adviser, salesperson, or other financial personnel to provide access to or copies of records that are relevant to the suspected or attempted financial exploitation of an eligible adult to State agencies charged with administering State adult protective services laws and to law enforcement. Defines terms. Amends the Substitute Decision Maker Act to be the Public Guardian Act; establishes a state office of public guardian and authorize the establishment of local offices of public guardian to provide public guardianship services to adults when no private guardian, conservator, or representative payee is available.

Relates to public guardianship; specifies when the Cabinet for Health and Family Services may be appointed as a resident's limited guardian, guardian, limited conservator, or conservator; provides that a guardian or limited guardian is to manage the personal affairs of a disabled person; allows a physician assistant to be part of an interdisciplinary evaluation team; retains the right to a jury trial in a guardianship competency hearing if demanded by or on behalf of any party.

Adopts portions of the Uniform Power of Attorney Act of ; establishes definitions for the chapter; provides that the chapter shall apply to all powers of attorney except for certain exceptions; provides that powers of attorney are durable and for their execution; provides a choice-of-law rule for determining the law that governs the meaning and effect of the power of attorney; details the relationship between a power of attorney and a conservator or guardian. Amends KRS Establishes protections for certain eligible adults from financial exploitation; provides for notices relating to covered financial institutions; provides for the delay of financial transactions in instances of suspicion of financial exploitation; provides certain immunity.

Provides for the protection of certain individuals from financial exploitation and regulates the ability of covered financial institutions to delay disbursements of certain funds. Provides that on and after Jan. Requires that a signature card or other document establishing a multiple party account must contain a clear and conspicuous printed notice to the depositor that on the depositor's death the balance in the account will belong to the surviving party. Authorizes a victim of a certain offense to bring a civil action for treble damages against a certain person; establishes that a certain criminal conviction is not a prerequisite for maintenance of an action under the Act; provides for the recovery of reasonable attorney's fees and court costs in an action brought under the Act; and applies the Act prospectively.

Authorizes a court to include in an order appointing a guardian of the person of a disabled person the duty to foster and preserve certain family relationships under certain circumstances. Creates a special commission including members of the General Court to combat the financial abuse of the elderly. The bill amends Chapter 4 Arrest of the Code of Criminal Procedure to allow a peace officer to investigate for financial neglect, abuse, or harm after responding to an incident involving alleged physical abuse of a vulnerable adult or elder adult.