Phoenix police vehicle accident report

The suspect took off on foot.

Do I Need a Police Report When I Am in an Accident? - Phoenix

The officers have minor injuries. Report a typo. Would you like to receive local news notifications on your desktop? Yes please Not now.

How To Get A Car Accident Police Report In Phoenix, AZ?

Actions Facebook Tweet Email. PD: 2 officers hurt, search on for suspect after hit-and-run crash involving Phoenix PD vehicle. We will be happy to help you interpret the report and discuss your options.

Our knowledgeable, dedicated lawyers have years of experience with a wide range of cases. Attorneys Kyle A. Israel and Michael E.

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Gerity founded the firm with one goal in mind: to get clients the compensation they rightfully deserve. The officer will check the damage on the automobiles, talk to any witnesses, and determine if any traffic laws were broken.

How to Get a Car Accident Report in Phoenix

Be truthful and cooperative. But also be very careful what you say to the officer and to the other driver. Only discuss the facts, not your opinion or theories. Do not admit that you were at fault or partially at fault.

Pedestrians narrowly escape Phoenix car crash

Such a statement could be used against you in an insurance claim and a legal case. You may not be fully aware of the facts that contributed to the accident. Some of us are socially conditioned to take more blame on ourselves than we should because it seems like the nice and right thing to do. It is not the wise thing to do in the event of an auto accident.

There are several reasons you should obtain a police report. You and the other driver will almost certainly be making an insurance claim, and your case will be significantly improved if you have a police report. Also, it often happens that even though the vehicle damage is slight, the other driver will later claim severe injuries and damage. A police report can prove invaluable in such disputes, as insurance companies consider police officers trustworthy and impartial.

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And in the unlikely event that the case goes to court, a police report could end up being a deciding factor in the outcome of the case.